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Frequently Asked Questions

Get The Answers To Some Of Our Commonly Asked Questions

How Does Spaceblock Work ?

spaceblock is a unique online marketplace for short term booking spaces for events, shoots, meetings, and productions.The platform gives people the opportunity to rent our their unique space to the creative or event industry. Guests can connect directly with hosts and book the space by the hour.

Is There A Registration Fee ?

There is no registration fee. All the marketing of your space is free.

How Will I Know How Much To Charge ?

Our clients will pay a fair market related rate for short term rentals. It’s important that the price per hour is not over inflated if you want to attract a guest. Our team at spaceblock will advise you throughout the process. All our listings are pre assessed to make sure that all the content is accurate, that the space has been categorised correctly, that the price is inline with the market and that the pictures have been loaded in high quality format. We will adjust your pricing accordingly. If you would like to know how much your space could generate drop us a mail:

I’m A Tenant Can I Use Your Services ?

The short answer is yes. However if we have to answer this question and go into the legality it gets a little complicated. It depends on your lease agreement with the landlord. Perhaps there is a clause in your agreement that states that you cannot sub-let your space for short term rentals. For commercial leases there is normally a clause which states for what purpose you intend using the space for. Our suggestion is that communication is key. If you are unsure contact your landlord and get his / her permission first. Alternatively get your attorney to have a look at your lease agreement.

How Does Spaceblock Make Money ?

We collect a 15% fee from bookings through spaceblock, so we only make money when you do. It’s free to list your space.

How Do I Know If I’m Dealing With A Legitimate Person ?

There is no doubt that online fraud is a reality. Never pay a host directly, never hand over cash. Our online payment platform is there to protect both the host and the guest. We use secure payment gateways. This will give you protection in case of a payment dispute. We have integrated social media authentication for profiles and email address authentication. We are constantly looking at ways to improve authentication to safeguard our customers. From time to time our team at spaceblock may request further identification from clients as an added measure. Hosts also have the option to request copies of ID Documents which can be uploaded to the Host’s Dashboard.

I've Booked And Paid For A Space But I Haven't Heard Anything ?

Once a booking has been made the space host will get immediate confirmation that the space has been booked and proof of payment will be sent through to them. At the same time a receipt email is generated and sent through to the guest. Sometimes the receipts or invoices are placed in the junk folder (depending on your email settings) It’s the first place you should look. If it still has not come through drop us a mail:

Can I View The Space Before I Book ?

We understand that you may need to view the space prior to booking. We have provided spaceblock messenger which is a private mail messaging system where you can connect with the space host directly and set up an appropriate time to view the space. Once you are satisfied that the space meets your requirements you can go onto the platform and book the space, alternatively the space host can reserve the space and the date on their platform. Accepting any form of payment outside of the spaceblock platform exempts both host and guest from our cancellation policy.

What Insurance Do I Need ?

Hosts and guests should always ensure that they have the proper insurance in place for the activity being booked. By using the platform guests and hosts agree to our insurance policy clause which states that you have adequately covered yourself against theft or damage and public liability. As a rule of thumb, If you take the space and turn it upside down, whatever falls should be covered by the tenant. Whatever doesn’t fall should be covered by the owner.

How Secure Is Your Platform ?

We support PayFast gateways, which supports Visa & Mastercard.
We use Extended Validation SSL with 2048-bit encryption. Only two of the four major South African banks use this the highest level of encryption currently available.
3D Secure is in place for all credit card transactions.
We run penetration testing on our system on a weekly basis to look for vulnerabilities. We are only required to do it once every three months, but we run it every week.
Payments and card details are automatically checked against large online databases of blacklisted details.
Our entire site, blog, payments page and help site all are served off secure servers, making it harder to perpetrate phishing attacks.
We use SSL Certificates to ensure private information like credit card numbers and passwords are encrypted into data that only you and the website can decrypt.
SSL Certificates indicate to our customers that our site is secure, encrypted, and legitimate.

How Long Will It Take For My Listing To Go Live ?

spaceblock checks each and every listing to ensure that that content is correct and that the space type has been categorized correctly. We also make sure that high quality pictures have been used. The approval process can take up to 48 hours depending on the amount of listings being uploaded at that time. Generally our turn over rate is 24 hours or less. You will be notified via email when your listing goes live.

Can Restaurants / Bars / Coffee Shops / Event Spaces Use Your Services ?

spaceblock does not restrict traditional event spaces from listing on the platform. In fact we encourage it. The nice thing about restaurants, coffee shops, bars etc is that space comes with all the amenities.

Why Should I Use Spaceblock ?

spaceblock is a comprehensive online platform with extensive search and filter capabilities catering for short term rentals. We provide a solution for hosts to showcase their spaces and earn additional income. Spaces on spaceblock are typically 50% – 60% cheaper than traditional event venues. spaceblock simplifies the location scouting process. It allows producers / script writers / directors to search and book unique locations directly from local hosts. spaceblock provides access to undiscovered and underutilized spaces. We bring you a quick, short term solution while you search for a long term tenant.

Can I Search From Any Device ?

Our responsive designs means that you are able to visit us from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

What Type Of Spaces Can I Find On Spaceblock ?

We will look at all kinds of spaces. From run down factories to penthouse apartments and everything in between. What might seem like the back yard to you, might be the perfect backdrop to an action film or intimate cocktail party for someone else. Once you have submitted your space our team will assess the information and pictures and make any necessary changes to get you maximum exposure on your space.

Do I Need To Sign A Contract, Mandate Or Agreement ?

No you do not. All our terms and conditions are listed on our website which outlines all the terms of our services. Before you list or book a space you must agree to the terms and conditions. The terms are there to protect both the host and the guest equally.

Can Someone List My Space On My Behalf ?

Some of us are not as techno savvy as others. So if you are the kind of person who still has a Nokia 3310 or you would like someone to list the space on your behalf…we have a solution for you.
You are welcome to have someone list your space and manage your space on your behalf. Our suggestion is that you drop us a mail: to let us know that you have given someone authority to list on your behalf. It gets a little tricky when the spaceblock host and the bank account of the host don’t match up. We believe in transparency and communication which will cover the above.

How Do You Keep Your Platform Updated ?

All listings are active on the platform for a period of 60 days. Thereafter the spaceblock host will receive an email to either renew the listing or remove the listing. Listings that are not renewed will automatically expire. Typically emails are sent out 10 days prior to the listing expiry date.

How Can I Share My Space On Social Media ?

Below the booking form on the listing page is a share button with 3 options: Whatsapp, facebook and linkedin. To share the listing simply click the share button and select the platform you want to share it on. If you want to add the listing to your website or other online platforms, share the link to yourself via whatsapp and add the link or copy and paste the url.

Who Can Use Spaceblock ?

spaceblock is open to anyone that wants to utilize our services for booking and renting unique spaces.
Some of our Guests include:
The film industry, Photographers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Fashion Designers, Event coordinators, location Scouts, Ad agencies, Media Companies, YouTubers, Musicians
You & me
Some of our Hosts include:
Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, Property Owners
Housewives, Tenants, Corporates
Entrepreneurs, High powered business men/women, Start Ups, Craftsmen, Wedding planners, Tattoo Artists, Barbers, Fitness fanatics,
You & me

I'm An Event Planner Can I Use Your Services ?

Absolutely ! More and more clients are searching for different type of spaces to host events. Event planners benefit from discovering unique and unusual venues not accessible to them previously .

How Does Spaceblock Market My Space ?

spaceblock uses advanced analytics and seo optimizing for maximum visibility through search, from key phrase research and query audits, to content strategy, page markup and site architecture. We also utilize paid social media ads with strategic target markets. We also use push marketing directly to identified target markets and people searching specifically for that activity.

Why are short term rentals so profitable ?

The big question is, are short term rentals a sustainable real estate investment strategy?
Long term stable tenants are always going to be an investors choice when it comes to a real estate investment strategy, but what happens if the market turns and rental rates increase as a result of inflation and other costs. This in turn may over inflate the rental price that is not sustainable for tenants and as a result property vacancies increase for longer period of time, all the while you are still carrying the cost of the property i.e. municipal accounts, levies, bonds etc. A good example would be if you purchased a studio unit as an investment property in Maboneng Johannesburg area in 2010 you would have paid around R 400 000 The current value of that unit today is between about R 450 000. Current Rentals
± R 4500 and expenses (levies, rates etc.) ± R 2000
Income yield = 7.5%
*Note there is still tax to be paid on the rental income and you would still need to pay Capital Gains Tax when you sell.
Now consider renting your property to short term tenants while you look for a long term tenant:-
We look at the same example above.
Average long term rental = R 4500
Therefore, a daily rental = R 150 a day (30 days)
Therefore, an hourly rate to rent the property = R 8.15 / hour (24 hours)
You may decide to rent your unit with Airbnb
Rates per night = between R 250 – R 400 / night
Monthly income = R 9000 ( @ R 300 Average )
Therefore, an hourly rate to rent the property = R 12.50 / hour (24 hours)
This is almost double the rate of the long term price strategy, the downfall is that there is an over supply of these units which creates a price war and prices decrease. You need to be fully booked the entire month for this option to work.
Now consider renting your space to the creative industry via spaceblock’s platform.
You may feel that your space would be perfect for a photo shoot. An average photo shoot lasts between 1 – 3 hours. You would be able to rent your space out for photo shoots between R 800 – R 1000 / hour.
With only 1 booking you have generated R 3000.00
You have generated 33% of your income on 1 photo shoot

What Payment Methods Can I Use ?

Credit & cheque cards
Credit cards are well known and a de facto online payment method the world round. We process local and international credit cards and cheque cards, with a variety of fraud protection mechanisms in place to protect sellers against costly chargebacks.
Instant EFT
Instant EFT enables buyers to make payments with traditional internet banking with SA’s four biggest banks. The electronic funds transfer (EFT) gets verified instantly. No two day waiting period, no proof of payment required and no disclosing of financial information.
ATM debit cards
You can accept payment from Visa Electron and Maestro issued debit card holders. Buyers enter their debit card and mobile phone number and then authenticate the transaction on their phone. The system works with devices on the Vodacom or MTN network and with debit cards issued by Absa, Nedbank, Standard Bank, and more.

We are with you every step of the way.
The support centre will help you as
you navigate and explore the spaceblock platform.