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Search, explore and discover unique spaces. Book the space by the hour directly from local hosts.

Earn Money As A spaceblock Host

Property hosts are opening their doors to organizers looking for creative venues and shoot spaces. spaceblock provides a platform for space hosts to connect with the creative industry. We provide a solution for hosts to showcase their spaces and earn some additional income.

Registering your location is free. Guests will pay a fair rate for the right location. Hiring out your property as a shoot / event location is an easy, hassle-free, fun way to earn extra income. It doesn’t have to be as intrusive as you may think. The benefits are not only about the financial gain, but also the experience of seeing the creative process take place, seeing your property transformed into a set, and even sometimes it’s the thrill of having a celebrity in your home.

Even if you are are trying to lease your property to a long term tenant, we can showcase your property to the creative industry and bring you the returns you are looking for. We bring you a quick, short term solution while you search for a long term tenant.

Our clients are film, video, photographers, ad agencies, media companies, event planners and everyday people, like you and me. They’re all looking for the perfect location. This could be a music video, a fashion shoot, a scene from a TV series or movie, a wedding, in fact, it could be literally any space requirement that needs a specific location property.

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You decide what activities can take place in your space


CUSTOM pricing

Offer discounted rates for bookings that exceed a number of days or hourly.  Add custom pricing for weekends or holidays.



You may even consider yourself as a baker and want to offer your homemade birthday cakes to your guests. Easily customise and add products for sale.



You decide if you want to rent your space out by the hour or by the day. Set the minimum number of hours or days your space can be rented out for.

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Bookings & Calendar

We will look at all kinds of spaces. From run down factories to penthouse apartments and everything in between. What might seem like the back yard to you, might be the perfect backdrop to an action film or intimate cocktail party for someone else. Once you have submitted your space our team will assess the information and pictures and make any necessary changes to get you maximum exposure on your space.

There is no registration fee. It’s free to list your space.

We collect a 15% fee from bookings through spaceblock, so we only make money when you do. It’s free to list your space.

We have taken into account that there might be restrictions to some of the spaces i.e. no loud music, limited parking, no children allowed etc. We advise that you list these restrictions on the space listing page under ” House Rules.” Our advanced filter system will list the restrictions ( if any ) directly on the listing.

Not a problem. We will sort your property accordingly with our advanced filter system and stipulate that your property may only be rented out for Photo or film shoots.

Imagine a platform on the internet that allows you to rent out spaces in your home that could be used for any type of activity. Rent your kitchen out for cooking classes, rent your garden out for a film / photo shoot. Rent your patio / terrace out for a cocktail party or maybe you have a kids friendly home that would be perfect for kids parties. Explore your space and be creative. The opportunities are endless.

Yes you can. spaceblock has been designed as an alternative platform for utilizing your space more efficiently. This means that you have the option of listing your space on Airbnb and spaceblock at the same time. With the spaceblock iCalendar you can sync your calendar with Airbnb.

All Types Of Spaces Belong On spaceblock


Search our comprehensive library of unique and inspiring spaces. Whether you are looking to host a cocktail party, spectacular dinner with friends or whether you are looking for something fun and exciting for an end of the year function we have spaces available for every need.


Property owners are opening their doors to organisers looking for creative venues and shoot spaces. spaceblock provides a platform for property owners to connect with all types of people looking for unique venues. We provide a solution for owners to showcase their spaces and earn some additional income.


Over the last ten years, South Africa has grown to become one of the most popular and dynamic stills and film production destinations on the planet.We know how difficult it is to find a location, let alone book it for your shoot. We have created a place where you can easily find the perfect space. The scouting process just got a whole lot easier.


Our spaces are the real deal. They have not been reproduced to be something that they are not. Embrace urbanism and connect with your city. We are passionate about urban regeneration. There are so many amazing and unique spaces that nobody even knows about or they have been forgotten. We wanted to showcase these spaces to the world.


More and more people are moving away from traditional event venues for these special occasions. Booking a wedding venue can be very expensive. Booking a space that is not traditionally used as an event space means that there is a huge cost saving. Transform a blank canvas into something truly amazing. Trend setters don’t follow the masses.


Remote workers are becoming more prevalent in today’s business world. This new business age allows employees to connect with the office from virtually any space that has a wifi spot or internet. There does come a time when you may need some face to face meetings with sales teams etc. With spaceblock you can select the location and book a space that is most suitable. This way there is a huge cost saving.

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